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Raglan Weather is a free service which aims to provide local weather information about Raglan, New Zealand. Whatever your needs whether you’re a surfer, a boatie, a farmer or just want to know if the weather will be fine for a day at the beach, we hope that you will find Raglan Weather useful.

Raglan’s climate and weather

Two significant features influence the climate and weather in Raglan. The first, Mount Karioi and the other hills around the harbour provide some shelter from the prevailing winds. The second is the ocean, which tends to moderate the temperature, cooling the heat of summer and resisting the cold of winter.

These two features result in a microclimate in and around Raglan, that can result in significantly different weather than in Hamilton or Auckland. There are usually one or two light frosts over winter.  A winter frost signals a sunny day and daytime temperatures climb into the mid teens. Around the Spring equinox in late September/ early October, winds can be fairly strong.

The seasons in Raglan are:

  • Spring – September, October, November
  • Summer – December, January, February, March
  • Autumn – April, May
  • Winter – June, July, August

Average Air Temperatures

Summer: 20 – 25°C
Winter: 10 – 15°C

Average Water Temperatures
Summer: 18 – 20°C
Winter: 14 – 15°C

Average rainfall

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Behind Raglan Weather

Raglan Weather operates a weather station in Raglan that provides real time information about the current weather conditions. Currently we monitor wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, temperature and humidity. This data is displayed on the website and stored into a database. The database is analysed to pick out weather patterns that are particular to Raglan and thereby increasing the accuracy of future weather forecasts.

Raglan Weather operated as a separate website until March 2010 and was sponsored by Customer Value Management (NZ) Ltd.  It is now integrated with The Raglan Website.

We welcome you thoughts, comments and inquires. To contact us send your email to info@raglanweather.co.nz

Rodger Gallagher
Raglan Weather

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  1. I see youhave a database for weather information. Do you publish annual information, etc.?
    Do you have a wind rose?

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