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Today’s Raglan Weather Report and Forecast

The current local weather and wind in Raglan New Zealand right now is:

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Live current weather and forecast provided by Raglan Weather and AWEKAS.

Extended Local Forecast for this evening, and the following days

Extended forecast provided by and copyright to Open Meteo – Thanks

The Raglan weather information on this page is not provided by the MetService Raglan. A Marine Forecast for the Raglan coastal area  is available from the MetService.

Other Raglan Weather Stations

Harbour / Bar View – Long Street

16 thoughts on “Raglan Weather

    1. No, the Karioi webcam has gone. Yes it was good, but no way to keep it going. Instead a webcam view of Raglan Harbour.

    1. The wind today is varying a lot. The 15 minute update shows the instantaneous wind speed at the time the upload is done. Looking at today’s log the wind speed has varied from still up to 25 kph. Right now the website is showing 7.5 but the wind is gusting to 20. On the beaches it would be higher than that again. Ideally the wind should be tracked at several locations around Raglan.

    1. I would have thought any day was a good day for fishing. The sun is shining. There is a slight ripple on the harbour. I can see boats already out on the inner harbour fishing.

  1. We want to bring the kids for a day at the beach at Ocean Beach today but it’s more than an hour drive for us so don’t want to waste it. Is the weather good over there today?

  2. Great web site and the daily weather is great too.
    In the “Today’s Raglan Weather and Forecast” wind speed is shown in Km/h that’s great as we all can relate to Km/h
    In the Extended Local forecast section wind speed is shown in m/s and I have to go to a conversion chart to get it to Km/h
    Would it be possible to use Km/h for forecasts to?


  3. Hi Rodger what happened to the web cam that used to show the sky over Raglan town. It used to be on this page by the temp and wind details? Has it been moved somewhere else.
    Thanks and keep up the informative page.

  4. Please could you change “Raglan Bar” to “Raglan Entrance” in the SwellMap plugin for the site. Its currently giving wrong data. Cheers,

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