Mar 27: Raglan Community Board meeting – Te Mata Hall

The next Raglan Community Board meeting is Wed 27 March at 1.30pm in Te Mata Hall, 775 Te Mata Road, Te Mata. The public forum will be near the start of the formal meeting, giving an opportunity to discuss issues. This summary of the agenda prepared by John Lawson, Secretary of Whāingaroa Environmental Defence Inc., 51 Cliff St, Raglan 07 825 7866 email

Wednesday’s agenda omits information as highlighted in orange, but it includes –

  1. Bow St water tower planting plan mostly natives and others not listed as weeds.
  2. Wainui Reserveplan to put a group of stakeholders together to develop a 30-50 year plan for the development of the reserve”.
  3. Wainui Reserve old Harbour Care sitestaff and interested community groups, market garden/native nursery”. [Friends of Wainui not included in invited groups]
  4. Wainui Beach Car Park Works are being priced by Contractors now and the construction window will be between 2 April and 28 May.”
  5. Papahua Recreation Reserve Car Park Waka Ama due to take place Saturday 11 May (subject to sanctioning as per Waka Ama website). Works are looking to be completed before then”.
  6. Privet no update.
  7. 2024-2034 Long-Term Plan (Enhanced Annual Plan) “provides more time to address immediate challenges in our district, particularly concerning water infrastructure, Waka Kotahi funding, affordability, and QV rates revaluation timelines. . . 13.75% increase in general rates . . . funding confirmation from Waka Kotahi in September . . . better certainty about the government’s next steps regarding initiatives such as ‘Local Water Done Well.’ . . . where you would like to see our current service levels reduced in future”.
  8. Councillors Reports, Board Members’ Reports Verbal.
  9. Waikato Regional Long-Term Plan Verbal proposals include a rate for buses costing around $30 a year and a 20% increase in bus fares.
  10. Wi Neera WalkwayDraft consent conditions have been received and are being reviewed. Construction is still tracking to start mid/late April lasting around eight weeks. In parallel the Project Team are going to start planning on the substantial repair of the failing southern sea wall.”
  11. Community Board Plansmeeting to be held at 2pm, 21 March at Cr Thomson’s residence”.
  12. Civil Defencewe will pick it up in early April with another meeting of interested parties”.
  13. Raglan NaturallyChairperson to circulate the report provided by the coordinator to members.
  14. Soundsplash Verbal.
  15. WharfCompletion will be end of April with an early May opening. . . met with Raglan Coastguard re issues at the wharf”.
  16. Manu Bay Breakwaterconsulting with the stakeholder group regarding suitable dates within the next two weeks.
  17. CCTV discussions to agree on terms and conditions.
  18. Greenslade Rd Reserve playground Verbal. “feedback is with an assessment with the business owner.
  19. Camp groundMain kitchen works are to start later this year. Planning and design are in progress for the stormwater and roading upgrades. . . electrical and water upgrades. . . admin/laundry building upgrades.
  20. Funding roundsestablish clearer guidelines for applicants.
  21. Discretionary fund has $1,725. Wander Women’s Adventure Race wants $5,000.

These council items are not on RCB’s agenda

WDC 24/3

The following projects will be funded through targeted rates . . . Raglan wastewater treatment plant upgrades have incurred additional costs for scoping and investigation.”

Waters Governance Board 27/3

sewage “plant upgrade will return the process to compliance with the current consent condition at the existing marine outfall. Earthworks are underway to construct the Activated Sludge Reactor and membrane tanks. Alongside the enabling

works, the detailed design of the M&E plant is due to be completed in March. . . Treatment upgrade currently underway,

due to complete by 2026. Land discharge options programmed into the 2025-2034 LTP. . . Outfall upgrade planned for FY34/35. . . : $34.37M in 2025-34 LTP allocated to Raglan WWTP upgrade . . . The investigation into a disposal option for sub-surface dripper land disposal on the Wainui reserve is complete, and the concept report has been received. A further option is being looked at for Wainui reserve, which would look at land contact discharge through a planted area. A proposal from Beca is expected during March . . . WRC are serving Watercare with a formal warning following the second breach . . . Raglan WWTP UV system upgrade to electronic ballast units is planned for March . . . CCTV project is approximately 75% complete . . . over 90% of the Raglan network will have been surveyed . . . one significant line break . . . repaired by the WW team and 20 minor cracks or displacements programmed for patching . . . Telemetry . . . Installation will commence in Raglan in mid to late April

Cambrae Road Stormwater contract to be awarded in March

Future Proof public transport 9/2

28. Due to financial constraints, a new local on-demand service for Raglan has been postponed until funding from Waka Kotahi has been received through the low-cost low-risk public transport programme. This is, however, one of the service options to replace the Airport Flex. [instead Tamahere got new bus routes]

29. The proposed changes to the #23 Raglan bus service and the Whatawhata school assist service are anticipated to proceed to implementation in April 2024.

Other issues missing from the RCB agenda are overflow car parking, waste collection, Papahua erosion, fluoride, off-shore windfarm, Community Energy Whāingaroa, roading, Blueprints, water pipes, boat ramp charges, Te Uku Recycling Centre, organic waste, rubbish on SH23, Area School road safety, 3 Bow St,  Greenslade Rd SH23 junction, Connectivity Strategy, Surf2surf walkway, speeding on Main Rd, WEL EV Charger, Manu Bay planting, Harbour Strategy, Coastal Reserves annual meeting (last one was Sep 2022), Animal Control late responses, unsealed roading, cycle counts, Bayview Rd safety, Canada geese, Cliff St, Park Dr/Long St crossing, town square, Town Hall Committee, WRAP, Town Hall Warrant of Fitness, Calvert Rd parking, volunteer worker safety, Puriri Park, Eco Village.

Should WED be taking up these or other issues?

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