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Raglan and Waikato Covid new daily cases drop to under 500

Raglan and Waikato District Covid cases are now down to 482 for Monday 4th April, with an average of just… Read more

Pause in Raglan of resource consent pre-application service

Waikato District Council news Waikato District Council says that their resource consent pre-application service is on hold in Raglan and other… Read more

1893 eligible Raglanites yet to have Omicron booster vax

Progress with locals having the Omicron booster vax has almost stalled with just 25 receiving it in the last week… Read more

Raglan and Waikato Covid cases likely to be low by 4th April

Raglan and Waikato District Covid cases are continuing to decrease and it is likely they will be very low by… Read more

Vaccine Passes lifted at Raglan and other Waikato District facilities

Waikato District Council news Vaccine passes no longer required from midnight on 4th March Vaccine passes will no longer be… Read more

Booster vax stalled – 1% increase for Whāingaroa

With just 71 locals (1%) having the Covid booster vax in the last week progress has stalled in Raglan Whāingaroa… Read more

Raglan and Waikato Covid cases trending down?

Data released by Waikato DHB shows that Covid cases in Raglan, Waikato areas and Hamilton may be trending down. For… Read more

Mar 23: Raglan Ramblers off on a not too strenuous morning walk

View of estuary and Raglan from near the pine forest – Image John Lawson On the 23rd March, Raglan Ramblers… Read more

799 people in Whāingaroa eligible for booster vax still yet to have it

Data released by Waikato DHB on 9th March shows while further progress has been made with Whāingaroa residents receiving the… Read more

Community health shuttles – WRC fund to help a fragile sector

By Russ Rimmington. Chair of Waikato Regional Council. These views are his own. Many organisations rely on the goodwill of… Read more

DHB stops providing Raglan Covid case numbers

Waikato DHB has stopped providing Covid case numbers for Raglan Whāingaroa. From Tuesday 8th March, the DHB says they will… Read more

Raglan Whāingaroa now at 231 Covid cases. Increase expected to continue

There are 1541 new cases reported in the Waikato today Monday 7th March. 19 of the new cases were in… Read more